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Pet Portraits

As a photography major in college, I was naturally drawn to photorealism in the world of painting. Never imagining I could master that art genre, a friend convinced me to paint “The Colonel’s Pups” as a birthday gift to her family friend. 

With almost immediate success, due in part to my teaching background and architectural drafting skills, I was hooked! Now with over 62 original pet portraits in the books, I am still taking commissions to paint pet portrait originals in oil and acrylic. The animal is painted in oil for maximum realism and the background is painted in acrylic for a separational effect. Realistic backgrounds can be used but my choice is to paint the animal as the focal point with background objects floating around in a sort of whimsical way, i.e. favorite toys, food, patterns, decor color, sports team...something meaningful to the family or owner.

For an original pet portrait, use the form below to request information on a commission.

Pet Portrait Commission


Use this form to request a new Pet Portrait.


Thanks for submitting your commission! We will contact your shortly to collect more details.

Pet Portrait Pricing

12" x 12" - $275

12" x 18" - $324

16" x 20" - $400

18" x 18" - $420

18" x 24" - $540

20" x 20" - $490

20" x 24" - $580

24" x 24" - $650

24" x 36" - $750

30" x 30" - $800

30" x 40" - $900

36" x 36" - $950

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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