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Passion for Portraits

As a photography major in college, I was naturally drawn to photorealism in the world of painting. Never imagining I could master that art genre, a friend convinced me to paint “The Colonel’s Pups” as a birthday gift to her family friend.​

With almost immediate success, due in part to my teaching background and architectural drafting skills, I was hooked! Now with over 81 original pet portraits in the books, I am still taking commissions to paint pet portrait originals in oil and acrylic. The animal is painted in oil for maximum realism and the background is painted in acrylic for a separational effect. Realistic backgrounds can be used but my choice is to paint the animal as the focal point with background objects floating around in a sort of whimsical way, i.e. favorite toys, food, patterns, decor color, sports team...something meaningful to the family or owner.​

For an original pet portrait, contact me to request information on a commission or view this topic on the FAQ page.

Pet Portrait Prices

12” x 12” - $325
12” x 18” - $432
16” x 20” - $475
18” x 18” - $485
18” x 24” - $540
20” x 20” - $565

20” x 24” - $595
24” x 24” - $675
24” x 36” - $805
30” x 30” - $840
30” x 40” - $950
36” x 36” - $1110

Commission Your Custom Artwork Today

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