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Single Continuous Contour Line Ink Drawing Commissions

These single continuous contour line drawings are created by me in one sitting. I use an ultra fine point black pen and always begin the portraits at the nose of my subject and NEVER stop OR lift up my pen until the end of my signature. I have drawn animals, portraits, landscapes, homes and still lifes in this method.


When I first began creating these drawings in 1996, it became a game for me to get from one area of the drawing to the next by either retracing my pen line or creating a new line to “jump across” to the next area...without ever lifting my pen. At that time in my life, I was a single mom and very busy teaching art to hundreds of kids. By creating these single line drawings, I was merely trying to “complete SOMETHING...anything”, just a feeling of accomplishment when the artwork was finished.


Call me crazy, but I love doing these single continuous contour line ink drawings...they are somewhat of an obsession! Please contact me for print prices and/or custom original drawings.

Single Continuous Contour Line Ink Drawing Commissions

Use this form to request a single continuous contour line ink drawing.


Thanks for submitting your commission! We will contact your shortly to collect more details.

Pricing (not including shipping)

12" x 18"


18" x 24"


Original home or landscape single continuous contour line ink drawing on acid-free 95lb hot pressed paper (customer has full right to reprint as desired).

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