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About the Artist

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Pamela Quarles-Adams

From early childhood, I confidently knew I would become an artist. Making the artist’s dream my career has been a joyful path. My art portfolio reflects the many milestones in my life through the evolution of different mediums, styles and techniques. I have always worked in some facet of art. Originally from Louisiana, I have lived in Colorado, Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina. The contrasting environmental flora and fauna have provided a wealth of insights and inspirations for my artwork. I often research and paint indigenous animals from the areas I have lived. A lifelong love of nature’s “creatures” shows in my drawings, paintings, photographs and mosaics.

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Originally a photography major, I have come to embrace the use of bold, intense and high contrast colors in my artwork. Colors that demand attention, unlike their muted and neutral relatives, make for better art focal points and centers of attention. Having taught visual arts to thousands of children, adults and special needs students has given me an appreciation for math, science and history as they are all related in some way to our first known communications - cave art. As a lifetime student myself, I have an insatiable thirst to improve my work in fine art and understanding of art history. What a joy it is to work, grow and share learnings in a profession I love!

Art Is Cheaper Than Therapy Studios:

Statesville, North Carolina

Waleska, Georgia

Scottsdale, Arizona

(719) 244-8202

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