"Baker's Backyard" Single Continuous Contour Line Drawing

This original is not for sale, it was a gift to a couple in Scotsdale Arizona. It is a single line drawing of a beautiful Arizona landscape and an example of my single continuous contour line landscape drawings available on a commissioned basis.

These single continuous line contour drawings are created in one sitting. I use a fine point black pen and NEVER stop OR lift my pen until the end of my signature. When I first began creating these drawings in 1996, it became a game for me to get from one area of the drawing to the next by either retracing my pen line or creating a new line to “jump across” to the next area...without ever lifting my pen. I was merely trying to “complete SOMETHING...anything”, just a feeling of accomplishment when the picture was finished. Call me crazy, but I love doing these and yes, it is an obsession.

***Recently these single continuous contour line drawings have become so popular that I’ve been asked to do them on a commission basis...so here goes! If you have a clear photo of an animal, person, landscape or architectural favorite that you would like an original ink single continuous contour line drawing done from, just send me the photo jpg via e-mail (or a hard copy via snail mail) and I’ll tell you if I’m able to create one. The more lines and detail the better but sometimes simple photos do well too.


Copyright Pamela Quarles and all rights apply.