Stained Glass Mosaics

"Fairy Bird Bath" SOLD! "Fairy Bird Bath" SOLD! $0.00 Buy Now
"Stone Fish" SOLD! "Stone Fish" SOLD! $0.00 Buy Now
"Chinese Peace Symbol" "Chinese Peace Symbol" $45.00 Buy Now
"Insect and Flower" "Insect and Flower" $45.00 Buy Now
"Om" "Om" $45.00 Buy Now
"Orange, Purple & White Flowers" "Orange, Purple & White Flowers" $45.00 Buy Now
"Peace Symbol" "Peace Symbol" $45.00 Buy Now
"Red and Pink Rose" "Red and Pink Rose" $45.00 Buy Now
"White Lily and Red Ginger" "White Lily and Red Ginger" $45.00 Buy Now
"Wisteria" "Wisteria" $45.00 Buy Now
"Giant Flower" SOLD! "Giant Flower" SOLD! $85.00 Buy Now
"Rainbow Trout" "Rainbow Trout" $95.00 Buy Now
"Fish Bones Platter" "Fish Bones Platter" $135.00 Buy Now
"Rooster" "Rooster" $135.00 Buy Now
"Fish Platter" - SOLD "Fish Platter" - SOLD $155.00 Buy Now
"Flying Too Close to a Tea Party" "Flying Too Close to a Tea Party" $2,700.00 Buy Now

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